August 22nd, 2004


homework, stress, and bad, bad metaphors.

I still haven't finished my homework, but I accomplished a good portion of it (11 write ups and my personal statement). I read The Secret Life of Bees and Brave New World today. BNW was better than I was expecting and SLoB was fucking incredible. I highly recommend both of them. I'll be reading Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf tomorrow. Or tonight. Or sometime within the next 24 hours.

Tomorrow should have about two or three entries: one with the list of books I've read this summer (have I reached my 50 book goal? Find out!), another with my official schedule/other school related information, and the last may or may not occur - my yearly end-of-summer story. I haven't come up with anything good yet, but I'm working on it. The story might actually be written on Tuesday or Wednesday, though, if I'm not too busy.

So summer is over. I can't say I'll especially miss it, what with how horrible it's been. Fights with relatives? Getting the Worst Pain Ever (tm)? Losing weight without exercising or dieting?! How wonderful. If this summer was any indication of how this school year will be, I should just drop dead before I leave the house in the morning. It would be less stressful.

And now... my personal statement. It's unedited, poorly written, and really, really lame. And spastic. And incredibly random. And it has a bunch of really bad metaphors and attempts at being witty. And then there's the fact that I have no bloomin' idea of what personal statements ought to consist of. Sorry about that.

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