August 21st, 2004

this is me


I... am making progress.

According to my handy-dandy-calendar (which I made up to keep myself on track with what I'm working on), I can spread out my homework over three days with minimal troubles, and two if I really want to push myself. That comes out to about 12 write-ups a day - and I have six done so far. Not good by any means, but better than nothing.

After I write my 12 (or 13, or 14, or 18), I will quit and read. I'm still working toward 50 books... I think. I lost track at 39, and I'm too lazy to count my books up yet. I figure I have until school starts on Tuesday to continue counting books. I'll finish up the book I'm reading tonight (Abhorsen by the fantastic Garth Nix), read Secret Life of Bees and Brave New World tomorrow, and shove in however many I need to on Monday. Hmm. Maybe I should do all my homework in two days, so I can have Monday for reading... well. We'll see.

I love how I'm spending the last weekend of summer doing homework and reading. God. I'm such a nerd. (And a huge procrastinator, but whatever.)

I should go do more work. Ho hum. I'm lazylazylazy and need to workworkwork but I have absolutely nothing in the way of motivation(x3). Would anyone care to share their motivation/anti-laziness genes?

Now. Note my fucking fantastic new icon (Paul Hamm, of course). I couldn't help myself. I need more space for icons... oh well. No more Howie Day, then. But yeah. Anyway.

Work. Right. Now, where did I put that blasted notebook?
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