August 18th, 2004


i don't want you to know how i feel

The transfer student orientation thing was pretty lame. I got paired with some freshman who never told me his name (and he was convinced that my own name was "Alan"), never received his schedule (so I was forced to show him every inch of the school), and was incredibly apathetic.

By "apathetic" I mean "walked about two feet a minute and constantly went on about how much the school sucks". Way to go with making the best out of a bad situation! Woo!

Then the ambassadors (approximately 19 girls and one guy) stood in front of the group and told about our experiences and what clubs/activities we were in. I only mentioned schol-bowl and french club and that was considered to be a lot of activities. Right.

After that, I went to Target where I did the ever-so-exciting back-to-school shopping. I bought a backpack, pencils, folders, a few notebooks, and two shirts. They had a really nice plaid messenger bag, which I almost got... but then I realized that I hate messenger bags. So I got a normal backpack. In orange. I know you care.

I came home and tried on my new shirts (XL, baby! And they fit!) and came to the realization that my "style" - if you could even call it that - has been changing. The majority of my wardrobe still consists of cheap t-shirts from Wal-Mart, but my newer clothing (thus, the clothing which I have been gravitating to as of late) are all buttons and collars and other such bullshit. I believe I look fairly attractive in these new shirts... which means I look fucking hot to everyone else, since I'm my own worst critic (and if I look good to myself, I look great to everyone else). Or maybe I'm being delusional again.

I refuse to comment on my homework situation. Needless to say, it's pathetic and growing moreso every second. And I should probably go work on that...
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wasn't my bullet

paul hamm is better than you.

I know it's old news (especially since I've known about it for about six hours), but this is just too kick-ass not to post.

"I think I probably day-dreamed about winning the Olympics thousands of times," he said. "I did not ever picture myself having a mistake and then winning. I would have loved to have finished the competition flawlessly, but at the same time it shows how strong my character was. I wasn't going to let it go. I really had to fight for what I wanted."
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