August 17th, 2004

no fear

to strain and stretch

A thin envelope addressed "TO THE PARENTS OF MILLER, ADAM THOMAS" came to the door today.

My father was the first person to see it. "Adam!" he yelled up the stairs to my nearly comatose body, "You have mail!"

I trained my parents some time ago to give me the mail from the school before opening it themselves. It began in freshman year, when I was not receiving the best of grades and didn't want to let either of my parents know. It has stuck around since.

I hopped off my bed, slid on my slippers, and ran down the stairs, similar to a young child on Christmas day. Mail excites me.

I yanked the envelope from my father's fingers and struggled to open it. "Wouldn't it be funny," I said offhandedly, ripping the envelope by the seams, "If this was from the Biology teachers, telling me to read the first half of the book before school begins?"

Once the letter is freed from its prison, I unfolded it. My father stood next to me, craning his neck to read what the letter said.

"I agree," Daddy Dearest said. "It is funny." He walked off, presumably to the commode as I stood stock-still wondering about my potential future as the next John Edwards or Sylvia Browne. As my father later mentioned, I had the best look of angst and anguish upon my face.

I have to read the first two chapters in the Biology book before next Tuesday, and do the problems in the workbook. More summer work? Marvelous!

(I'm still tempted to run outside, raise my arms to the sky, and scream, "NO!" Just because that would really fit the situation to a tee.)
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mass dynamite: total basics:
Dear Student,
Hello, welcome to AP Biology! You have to work hard or you'll be screwed for the AP test in May!
Due the first day of class:
1. read chapters 1 and 2 in your textbook
2. answer all questions in your student study guide pertaining to chapters 1 and 2 (there are questions for chapter 1, look at the end of the section).
The Masters
evilfishytank: They really call themselves "The Masters"?
mass dynamite:

Beyond that, I just had the funniest conversation with Brandon. The highlight:
mass dynamite: ever hear of a little thing called foreplay? ;);) :P

Still dreading booksales. Ho hum. (Why yes, today will be a day with many posts! How shocking!)
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this is me

booksales and massive amounts of angst.

Booksales. The yearly nightmare.

Surprisingly enough, they weren't nearly as bad as I was expecting: only 40 minutes. Total. Last year we spent three hours in that nightmare.

I have Mr. Kay for Physics 2! And... Mr. Krasinski for Biology 2 AP. I am now thinking about dropping Bio and taking Environmental Science, but I just don't know. I've discussed it with my parents (after about an hour of cursing and threatening to kill myself/Krasinski/everyone within a five mile radius), and have decided to attempt to stick to the class for a week, since I am interested in the subject. It's just... Krasinski. He hates me. He was the McClure of Freshman/Sophomore years, dammit, and I don't know if I can go through it again.

Mme Labbe made us buy two new books. So now I have a total of four for the class. If she had warned us that we were using a different textbook, I could have returned Tresors and get at least a penny back, since none of my other textbooks were ones that were worth refunds.

They ran out of the Biology workbooks. Once I finish up this entry, I will send off an e-mail to Krasinski to see what I should do. Dammit. I hate that man. If only I had done better in Biology 1 or Physics 1... he would have been the perfect person to ask a recommendation from.

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Total: $533.35

It will be more (by ~$29 or so) once I buy the workbook for Biology. And the extra money for cassettes for French and Italian. Oh well.

On our way in, we came across Kris. I stood and chatted with him for a few minutes... we'll be doing something someday soon (maybe Sunday or Monday). In the line, I came across Vince (who I have been behind for four years in a row), Ricky, and Frank.

If I do stick with Bio, I need a good, properly insulting name for Krasinski. Similar to McClure (McJackass, McSchmuck, McFuckssmallasianchildrenforfunandprofit, etc). Krasasshole? Kraschmuck? I need help. I don't have the ability to make decisions on my own, people! Save me!

I should send that e-mail. Off I go...
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