August 16th, 2004

furious angels

i'll take you on.

As usual, I have nothing of any importance to talk about.

I've begun my homeworking for school. I read The Color Purple this afternoon, created a schedule (approximately 12 write-ups per day for three days), and attempted to decide which book I should read for the summer reading thing. I don't actually have to read anything (since I've already read the majority of books on the list), but I have the books, so I might as well. I'm not sure whether I should read Brave New World or The Secret Life of Bees. Oh, what the hell - I'll just read both. I have the time.

Tomorrow... is booksales. As I am a rising senior and have the luck to be saddled with a last name that starts with "M", I get to go to the very last hour that the books will be sold (well... the last four hours, more likely). This sucks. Seriously. I can already tell that I'll be coming home at 10:00 tomorrow night with painfully expensive books. As always, I will list which books/teachers I have, so yeah.

I really hate school. I hope I don't have any more bouts of insomnia this year - last year was bad enough. I don't think I can get under four hours of sleep every fucking night again. Who am I kidding? If I managed to make it to the end of last year, I'll make it this year.

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