August 14th, 2004


been spending so much time undeground

My sleep habits as of late have been getting somewhat pathetic. I've been going to bed at three in the morning and waking up five hours later.

I only have about ten books to go before I hit 50. I have them all lined up, too - I should probably quit going online every two seconds and go for a day or two with three books per day. Hmm. Maybe tomorrow.

I hung out with Amanda today. We had an Ultra-Bad-Movie-a-thon. It was fantastic. We first watched In The Woods, which was this godawful movie that was so pathetic (and filled with so many random bloody limbs) that it was fantastic. Following that movie was Gumnaam, which was a Hindi murder mystery musical (coincidentally, it was also a blatant copy of Ten Little Indians). It was hysterical. We spent the movie attempting to figure out when it was originally filmed - the DVD box said 2000, but it was such poor quality that we thought it was made, like, 40 years ago. And we were right - it was filmed in 1965.

One of the male gymnasts who just went was named - get ready for it - Brett McClure. I felt like weeping.

I am such a jerk. Whenever someone falls on any of these events I point and laugh. I mean, yeah, I wouldn't be able to do any of what these people do - but that doesn't mean I can't hop on my soapbox and go on about how "if I was doing that, I wouldn't have fallen and become paralyzed and destroyed the chances for my team!"

I've been reading so many comic strips recently that I decided to try my own hand at it. Needless to say, I can't draw and should never even think about attempting to draw anything more than geometric patterns in the margins of my history notebook.

In other news, if anyone would like to give me the magical ability to become a professional gymnast, feel free. I took gymnastics classes back when I was, like, four, but the only things I could do with any regularity were somersaults (is that the name for them?) and hand stands.

And now I read.
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this is me

all along, it was the ocean's song.


So I have 21 books by Tamora Pierce, right? Every single book she has ever released. She's one of my favorite writers (and I've loved everything by her since I was 12), since she kicks so much ass.

I've decided to do a big rereading fest of her books. I made it through the Protector of the Small quartet and now I'm looking for all of the other books.

The problem?

I can't fucking FIND any of them. I have two bookcases, five backpacks, one paper bag, and one box - all filled with my books. I have looked over them all, but I can't fucking find any of the goddamn books I'm fucking looking for. I mean, the majority (well, 10/21) of these books are hardcover, people - thus, it shouldn't be too hard to find them, right? WRONG.

I am going to go back through my backpacks a few more times, and if I can't find them, then, well... I'll be pissed off. It doesn't really matter all that much, though, since I have a huge stack of books to read. (By "huge" I mean "one book shelf".) I'm just annoyed.

And some neighbors are having a party and blasting shitty rap/reggae music and it's just really, really not fun. I'm also annoyed with their drunken laughter. And how they keep on yelling over a microphone, "CAN ALL THE YOUNG, SINGLE LADIES COME TO THE CANOPY, PLEASE?"

GOD THIS IS ANNOYING. Excuse me while I go strangle myself.

(In other, completely unrelated news, I'm on a Rasputina kick.)

Edit (11:36): I have spent the last hour rearranging my books, finding books to reread/haven't read yet but should have years ago, and I have managed to fit quite a few books onto quite a small number of shelves. That makes me happy. (And yes, I managed to find all of the Tamora Pierce books. Now, if only I could find my Philip Pullman trilogy...)
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