August 11th, 2004

no fear


My day: I woke up at eight (five hours of sleep), took a shower, wrote (really shitty crap that should be burned immediately), went to the training thing (where I was one of two guys... David P. being the other one), complained about not being able to get a transfer student (since I didn't have a lunch period free... damn third period study), got a ride home with Dave, played with his iPod, ate breakfast/lunch (at 1pm), wrote some more, deleted everything I wrote today, found a book, read the book, slept for two hours, woke up, ate dinner, wrote an entry about how depressed I was.

Today has been one of the most eventful days of the summer. That's pathetic.

I am sick of my hair. Sick of it. I'm thinking about just dyeing it, like, the weekend before school begins. I want to shave it, goddammit, but I didn't waste all that money on bleach + dye for nothing.

Dammit, now I'm more depressed than I have been in months. Fuck. I'm pathetic.

I need to find some form of escapism really badly right now. I wish I was into drugs or drinking. But, no, instead... I'll be reading the same book I've read dozens of times before, followed by some good old fashioned character-torture. Nothing makes me feel better than killing off large numbers of characters. Or severely maiming them. Or having a group of bad guys rape and pillage. Or... you get the gist of the idea.
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