August 9th, 2004

this is me

another novel?

A quick entry before I hit the sack:

I can't say I'm not tempted... but then again, I've always been suicidal.

And there is no way I would waste my money on that. And maybe I could change the dates, since I'm bound to have homework that weekend. And the definition of "novel"... maybe I could start this, say, tomorrow (or sometime fairly soon) when I have three days in a row to do this. And it could be... 25,000 words, instead of 50,000.

Okay, I'm running myself in circles, here. I've basically gotten myself back to the "I'll write sometime this year" thing, and that will never work, so I should, like, you know. Shut up and write.

(And if I did a novel in three days before school, well, it would have to start Thursday or Friday. I still have to do the English AP stuff, and I'm leaving that for - next week. The week before school starts. UGH!)
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