August 8th, 2004

consider it dug

i use this icon whenever i write.

The gist of this entry: I'm a goddamn writer and fucking proud of it.

Oh, and my best stories are Fireworks (which nobody has EVER reviewed/commented on/said they liked, despite how I posted it a month and a half ago, so you BEST do it now, or I'll get really depressed, and keep on with this run-on sentence, since it's my best story and all, and I love it, HINTHINT), How The Mighty Fall, and School Night (my NaNoWriMo novel).

In other words, this entry is on... my writing. If you dislike things that I have previously written, ignore this, since this is chock-full of references and stories. Yes, it's long, but I like to take up a lot of space on your friend's page. It makes me happy when people are mad. =)

The first story I wrote was soon after I turned six. It was about a princess and her pet rabbit.

I didn't really write willingly until the end of the third grade. I read The Boxcar Children in late March, and that was my true entrance to dorkdom. I reread it five times in a row. I went to the public library and entered the 8-12 and young adult book sections for the first time. I read every Bobbsey Twin, Cherry Ames, Nancy Drew and (yeah, yeah, yak it up) Babysitter's Club book they had. I bought my own.

This connects to my writing because my third grade teacher, Mr. Chandler, gave extra credit to people who wrote book reports and extra good things for the class (good behavior, etc). Up until April, I was at the same ranking as everyone else...

... and then I realized that I could probably manage to write book reports on all of the books I was reading - and have more extra credit than everyone else. Yeah, I was a competitive little so-and-so.

So I did it. Within a month, I read dozens of books and wrote 39 book reports, making Mr. Chandler run out of room on the little "extra credit" board. That summer, I entered the summer reading contest at the library and won. I beat everyone else - 99 books, 354 hours, one summer. I received a picture book. Needless to say, I was pissed.

In the fourth grade, I discovered trends. Virtual pets (nano babies, anyone?), video games, Beanie Babies. Good Lord, was I ever a dork. I wrote stories that involved my Beanie Babies and sent them in to Years later, I realized that I had written my first fanfiction in the fourth grade. I was appalled.

Fifth grade was when I fully began writing and considering the benefits of being a writer. I wrote in the computer lab on those ancient Apple computers. I never finished anything, and it was all crap (for instance: the Komputer Krazy Kids. I noticed the initials after I got halfway through the story, and then I deleted it all), but it was my writing.

I created characters and the first paragraphs of a number of stories over the next few years. Over the summer between the sixth/seventh grades, I attempted a really, really bad Animorphs self-insertion fanfic, which (thank God) no longer exists. I quite writing fanfiction until the eighth grade.

I got 144/150 on a Language Arts writing project in the seventh grade, which greatly depressed me. (A remnant of that project is here.) I continued writing.

I wrote poetry through the ninth grade, and quit once I realized that I couldn't stand reading or writing any poetry. No poetry is good poetry, in my opinion.

Worse was my first story about suicide. From what I can remember, I wrote it at five o'clock in the morning, after staying up all night, and did research for this story... such as comparing the size of pills in my bedroom. And fiddling with knives.

The following story, Talking, was one of several "firsts". It was my first experimental story (no quotations, first person present tense). It was the first time I wrote about romance. It was the first time I kept the main character's name a secret until the end of the story (which I redid, much better, in fact, a month ago - in Fireworks). This was my favorite story for several years... and then I realized that it sucked. Maybe I should rewrite it...

My first "slash-y" story was Beautiful. And yes, I blame Mary and her love for Da Pump. Well, okay, that story was rather ambiguous with the portrayal of slash. The first completely obvious slash story was Butterfly Collector. This was my first bit with sex (masturbation does not equal a full out sex scene) and my first (and only) "song-fic" - where the lyrics of a song are interspersed throughout the story.

My first official fanfic was Dark Wizardry, which took place in Diane Duane's Young Wizards universe. The eleven pages it took up made it the longest story I ever wrote until my 30 page stint last year. One of my better (ugh) fanfics (ugh) was Sunshine. It was my first story that involved more than one tense (third person omniscient; first person from one person's point of view; first person from another's pov). It was shitty. All of my fanfics were shitty, to tell the truth.

Lost Feelings was my first ode-to-going-back-to-school story. I thought about continuing They Watch, but I never got around to it. It is based off of the walls in my bathroom. Nerd? Me? Of course! I love Digital Punk, even though it isn't all that creative - just the first person story of a character in a music video (Punk by DJ Ferry Corsten).

In late February/early March of '03, I wrote a 30 page story. It was a blatant rip-off of The Girl Who Owned A City and I hatehatehate it. In November of '03, I wrote my 116 paged novel, School Night. It's currently my best and longest work to date. I will be writing another novel this November, and I'm working on figuring out how to properly write half a dozen storylines right now. And that's that.
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