August 5th, 2004

this is me

amino acids vs. lipids

Yes, it's a few hours early, but I like to be punctual...

Happy 17th Birthday, Katie!
You're one year closer to being legal...
... and one year closer to being legally able to get with Mr. K. ;);)

I have come to a conclusion.

Oh, don't worry; this happens fairly often, to tell the truth. As long as I think about something long enough, I'll eventually come up with a fairly good response. Hence my conclusions.

That writing problem I've been having has been devouring my soul as of late. Last night I was reading through the stories I have saved on this computer, and realized something - I have some really, really good plots that I came up with years ago. Hell, I have stories that could be added to, or edited, to fit whatever I plan on writing.

So maybe I should go back to my "roots", so to speak, and write what has passed through my brain in the past. I have the first ten pages of the novel I began after my NaNoWriMo novel last year - they could do with some editing (sweet Jesus could they ever do with some editing), but I think I could twist it a tad to work with my current plot. And then there's the story I wrote back over the summer of '03, that (muffled name that would give away the plot) one.

Oh, and I got an e-mail back from Katie (different Katie from above... former-best-friend Katie). She's alive and well and we will be hanging out in a few weeks.

I got a phone call from Mrs. Abraham, for the Student Ambassadors thing. Training is on the 11th (former-best-friend Katie's birthday... so maybe I should make that "happy birthday" from above to refer to both). I hope someone I know/like is there. I also hope that I get first period free next year (yes, this is related). Maybe I'll find out then.

I want gmail. Because, er, I say so. (That is a hint, people. Does anyone have a free invitation? I'm willing to part with a hug, a kiss, and possible pocket lint! That's right! MY FIRST KISS AS A TEENAGER! Won't that be exciting?)

So I just came to another conclusion. I need to kiss someone before I hit 20 or I'll have completely missed out on kissing during my ever-so-volatile teenage years. Is anyone up to the task? I promise that it will be full of awkward goodness! And, heck, if you're a kissing-virgin (haha, did I just coin a new phrase?), we should do it together... to practice, of course, as well as getting past the horrors of inexperience. Heh heh heh. (This is where I twirl my moustache and wiggle my eyebrows.)

I somehow doubt that kissing someone on the hand in the fifth grade would actually count as a real kiss, even if it was meant that way. Sorry, Karri, but I have unclaimed you as my first kiss. Not that she cares...

What a pointless, ridiculous entry. Forget this.
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