August 4th, 2004

furious angels

the only thing i can offer you is pain.

I never know what to write about anymore.

That has a dual meaning. The original meaning was, "God, without school, I have nothing to whine/bitch/complain about!" Then I realized that it also fit another thing I've been thinking about lately. "God, why the hell can't I come up with a motherfucking plot that actually has the potential of lasting more than three goddamn pages?!"

I've never had a problem with characters. My dialogue and various detail-oriented stuff has been improving significantly over the last two years. As of my 30-page story, length has become a non-issue. I have never had trouble coming up with a suitable plot before. Probably because I've never been able (or willing) to write something that lasts more than a few pages.

Earlier today, I sucked up my pride and requested a tiny favor of my mother. "Mom, would you mind coming up with a science fiction-y fantasy-y storyline that involves an ancient Scottish guy?"

"... okay."

Hey, I said I was good with characters.

Later: "Mom, did you ever come up with any plots for me?"

"Sorry, but I haven't had the time."

Well, fuck. Anyone want to donate a plotline that will last for more than five pages? If you don't, I will be forced to steal some random plot from this story that I'm reading on fictionpress. Don't worry - when I say "steal" I mean "take out everything but the fact that it vaguely resembles a science fiction-type story".

I don't like periods. They never do what they're supposed to. Dirty bastards. (Uh, as in the lovely little mark you put at the end of a sentence, not The Monthly Annoyance which, since I am male, I obviously cannot talk about because I have never experienced such pain before in my life, and I never will, because I have a pair of testicles and an obvious lack of a uterus. Sorry... that's just the basis of a number of fights I've had.)


I got an e-mail back from Ana. So she isn't dead! Haha! Oh, man, I saw her e-mail an hour ago and have been grinning ever since. Oh course, I haven't actually responded yet... I don't want it to seem like I was waiting for it or something.

Yes, that is my reason. Shut up. I'm insecure.

This is a link she sent me. My favorites are Orleans, Millie Jackson, and... Tino.

In fact, I think I shall share the picture of Tino with you all.

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Oh, and I'm on a big Solar Twins kick. So if I begin to randomly babble on about electronica/trip hop/remixes without titles, don't worry. I'm just obsessing.

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That song makes me want to write.

I think that that is what I shall go do.
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