August 2nd, 2004

wasn't my bullet

i play a game, it's called insincerity.

The internet has been down for the last two hours. While I beat my computer pinball score (okay, okay, I only got third place... so shoot me), I managed to cure my boredom by reading a book. Undead and Unemployed by MaryJanice Davidson. The first 100 pages were a pain to understand, since there were so many references to the first book in the series (which Borders did not have), but it got better.

The best part: the [gratuitous] sex scene was only a page long - and it wasn't hardcore! Haha, that made me happy. I've been reading far too many sex scenes recently. "He plunged into her pussy, fluids leaking everywhere, and thrusted. And then he thrusted again. And then-" BORING.

I know that a number of you are writers (well, about four of you that I can think of off hand), and I want you to listen up: if you ever write a goddamn sex scene, make it interesting. Right when the two (three? four?) of them are in the throws of passion, have them fall off the bed. And maybe - just maybe - have whoever is on the bottom break a limb. Or have the guy be a bumbling idiot, and as he's standing up, have him step on the girl's (guy's?) breast. Make it funny. Make it interesting.

Now I'm tempted to write a sex scene. Shit.

In completely unrelated news that really doesn't need to be announced, but I like to keep you all in suspense with the magical dots of doom...

Why is it that Trent Reznor kicks so much ass?

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