July 28th, 2004

this is me

i wish i was special.

So I went and saw the surgeon today... Dr. Denham. I didn't like him; the resident who helped him out, Dr. Navai, was much, um... nicer.

Let me put this in bullets for you.

- Three more people have seen my ass. (Navai, Denham, and some nurse.)

- I am going to get surgery sometime within the next six months. There is a good chance that this will get infected again, and the only hope I have of getting it completely better is to have all of the tissue, period, removed. That means I will have a big hole in my body, going straight to the tail bone. (See the picture in my last entry.)

- The surgery will probably happen in December, over the holiday break.

- My blood pressure is surprisingly good: 133/59. Haha. Take that, asshole nurse who took my blood pressure repeatedly because it was "wrong"! SUCKER.

- I am really, really good at taking a number of pills at once. Really. I can do four pills without a liquid, and probably double that with a liquid.

- My hair dye arrived in the mail today. Dyeing may occur within the next two months. (I'm thinking that I'll go for green first, but that may or may not change...)

- Old men who breathe heavily are not good people to sit next to in waiting rooms. First of all, they have the worst breath. Second, they give off too much body heat (which is not ideal when you are feeling too warm as it is). Third, they are too bloody loud.

- I'm getting lonely and really want to see people I like, dammit, because I miss socializing and my friends.

- My definition of the word "friend" has been wildly changing recently. Basically, the same three people are "friends" and everyone else is "some asshole I don't talk to." It's great.

- I really, really need to stop reading so much.

- I really, really need to stop watching so much television.

- The new episode of Reno 911! is on tonight. You should all watch. Seriously.

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