July 23rd, 2004

this is me

flashback to my days of depression.

Have you ever felt like you wanted to commit suicide?

Have you ever felt like you wanted to commit suicide for a reason other than depression?

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wasn't my bullet

The Basics Of My Week.

Yes, you get to deal with this long AIM conversation cluttering up what the fuck ever you're reading this from. Suck it.

belle: ADAMHI
me: no.
me: i hate
me: my life
me: so much right now.
belle: ;__; why?
me: because it SUCKS.
me: no, i take that back.
me: it SIZUCKS.
belle: WHAT'S WRONG?
me: that back pain?
me: it's getting worse and worse
me: and i can barely fucking sit
me: and it's a cyst
belle: awww ;_; you need to go to a doctor
me: and i'll have to see a doctor
me: and get it drained
me: because it's infected
belle: eeep! ;___;
belle: that sucks
belle: *pities like hell*
belle: *forces the rest of the world to pity you at gunpoint*
me: thank you ;_;
belle: any time ;_;
me: i am currently sitting in this fucked up position
me: with a heating pad underneath me
me: and i'm randomly swearing
me: every two seconds
belle: ;_;

This began on Sunday. It is now Friday. I am getting worse.

Yet More Proof that I have a worse motherfucking life than you do:

I have watched more MTV and Comedy Central and VH1 and FoodTV and fucking Lifetime in the last week than I have in the last 17 years of my life. I feel pathetic. I need a life. No, I need this fucking cyst drained, but it's on my fucking ass, and the only reason I found out was because I had to show my fucking mother my ass, and do you know how embarrassing that shit is?

I mean, NOBODY sees what is beneath my waist line, dammit. NO ONE.

Unless I want to fuck you (and no, it's not my mother; go bite your tit off if you thought that). But that Person is not reading this. So yeah. (That means: if you are reading this, you are ugly and I hate your fucking guts.)

Oh, and you cunts who are actually able to fucking sit? You know, for more than two goddamn minutes at a fucking time?

Eat my non-existent, unshaved pussy, douche bags.
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