July 20th, 2004

furious angels

backdating this b/c i forgot to upload it yesterday.

For the majority of my life, I wanted to take French.

I can blame my mother for this: I've always looked up to her, and copying her was just another way to admire her. I did it when I began to write, when I began to play the clarinet, etc - and even though she had only taken a year of French, I wanted to do that, too.

My freshman year was shit. The only class I got above a C in, both semesters, was Photography. When I almost became a super-freshman (or whatever the term is), by almost failing all of my classes but French and Photo, I decided to shape up. I wasn't horribly fond of French, but I wanted to continue it for all four years - after all, what other class would I take?

Sophomore year, in French 2, I did all my work and did much, much better. At the beginning of my second semester, at about the same time my interest in history began to fade, I was suddenly getting better at French. I was beginning to answer questions in class. I knew what I was doing. I was one of the top students. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head - "Why don't you major in French when you go to college?"

My interest in languages has been growing, ever since. I was one of the six people in French 3. I was pretty much the best person at the regular level, though I absolutely sucked. I loved the class; it was so much more fun than my first two years. I liked the smaller class and all that jazz. I hated fourth quarter, mainly because I bullshat my way through Le Petit Prince, and I did fucking awful on the final... but I got my fourth B in that class. I was ecstatic.

I took Italian 1 last year, as well. It was a fairly small class (15 people). There were a few native speakers of Italian in that class (as in, people who understood the language but couldn't speak or read it), and three Spanish speakers. I was the only one who was coming over from another language, and I was the best in the damn class... beyond Will, of course. Will, the annoying sophomore (er, junior, now) who was in Italian 1 Accel, which made no sense, since I did just as well as he did. I got the second highest grade on both finals, in both semesters. First semester, without studying, I managed to get an 89% on my final - Will studied for hours and got a 93%. Oh, man, was I ever gloating.

I now want to take more languages - become fluent in as many as I possibly can. I have been looking at colleges and universities based on whether they offer the main languages I want to take (French, Arabic, Chinese). I can read and understand Spanish (both at approximately the same level as I am in Italian). I want more, more, more. I want to go to Egypt and speak Arabic; I want to spend a year in Hong Kong and study Chinese. I want to do all of this and I'm probably going to completely hate languages in about five years, because my likes and dislikes are so volatile.

For now, I'm attempting to talk my parents into letting me take Arabic or Chinese at Oakton. They aren't budging. I'll get them yet, darn it.

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