July 17th, 2004

this is me

yearbook proofs. :\

I got my picture proofs... and, following the trend (like the ridiculous excuse for a human being that I am), I can't decide on which pictures I want. I have one for yearbook that I'm leaning to, and two for the other poses. So I need you all to decide on one yearbook and one other pose.

Or, if you really think they turned out godawful, tell me to cut my hair and get them retaken (as per my mother's wish). I don't especially care if she doesn't like these pictures - what makes her think that the next set wouldn't look just as bad, if not worse? Well, we'll see.

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Also, please explain to me why people find the need to confuse my gender (or, to be cunts as they pretend they don't know my gender). I look male, I sound male, I act male. I have a cock. I'm macho. I dress in non-feminine clothing. I have a male name.
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