July 15th, 2004

this is me

i'm not kind enough to make a number code.

This is the "say something to your friends" thing that I stole from Mary. I decided to just list the total basics, under which each person on my list has a place. (That means: you are one thing or another. Not two, not three - just one.)

1. You are more beautiful than you believe.

2. I admire you.

3. I have a crush on you.

4. I really want you out of my life.

5. Why are you on my friend's list?

6. I don't talk to you but I like your entries.

7. I don't read your entries but I like you.

8. You have made a major influence on my life. Thank you.

9. You are an amazing photographer and/or writer.

10. Shut up and kill yourself, for God's sake.

Anyone care to take their chances?
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thinking about going to the city for the weekend.

This entry is one that occurs once every 1111 entries. To be precise, this my 2222nd entry. That means we should celebrate.

It's funny. I've had this journal for about three years now (wait - over three years, since I got it on July 2, 2001), and the last entry was the one that received the most comments. It's also funny that that entry was about my perceptions of my friends and acquaintences. Are you all self-conscious or just curious?

I need to, you know, get to writing. The damn story isn't going anywhere if I don't fucking open Word, you know?

Tomorow night, I will be ordering some hair dyes, along with a package or two of bleach. The colors that I am planning on buying, unless another one catches my fancy: Limelight, Hi-Octane Orange, Nuclear Red, Electric Blue, and Pimpin' Purple. I might also buy the toner, in order to go platinum blond for a while... just because it seems like fun.

I'm racing Belle to a million neopoints on Neopets. She has about 400,000 and I have 800,000... but she's gaining more and more neopoints every second of the day, while I'm going a bit slower. I'll beat her, dammit. >O

I don't know if I've mentioned my exercise routine in this journal yet... so here it goes.

I start off by jogging in place, lifting my knees up as high as possible, until each leg has gone up 50 times. Then I walk on the treadmill at a 1.5ish mph pace for five minutes. Then I do the jogging again. Then I go on the exercise bike, tension turned as high as possible, for five minutes. Jogging. 60 crunches. Jogging. 50 arm curls with whatever weight looks sufficient (I'm as weak as a kitten, so I've been using a 20lb bar - I'll be going up to 25lb tomorrow). Jogging. 30 push ups. Jogging. 60 crunches. Jogging. Five minutes on the treadmill. Jogging. Five minutes on the exercise bike, slower jogging, and then I'm done.

It has been taking me about 35 minutes or so, which is pretty good. My plan is to exercise for two days, take a one day break, and continue the cycle. I've been attempting to diet and have been failing miserably, but it should get better sooner or later. I hope.

I got an e-mail from the person in charge of Student Ambassadors today. There's a training meeting sometime in August, and a meet-up with the transfer students a few days later. Okay.

I have actually gotten a new journal... but I'm not sharing it with any of you freaks. Don't worry, though - I'm gonna keep this journal and continue to update it as often as I ever have. Well, at least until I graduate high school. Then I might make a new journal... for my college years. We'll see what happens next July.
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