July 14th, 2004

consider it dug

let me touch you in those sexy places.

I have finally gotten around to beginning my new novel. I've been plotting it out for a few weeks, now - ever since I begin doing that roleplaying thing with Belle and the nothingness.

Back story: Belle *flyingtacklehugYO*'d me, so I fell off a cliff... and into the nothingness, where I reigned as a God. Belle was a weird immortal vampire shadow thing. I tried to capture her. I failed. It was great.

Then, one night, I decided to turn our tale into a story: the ultimate anime. Just imagine - magical girls, robots, fights in space - it would be perfect!

Well, I couldn't get that to work. But I have this story, now.

Basic summary: sometime in the not-so-distant future, the government is corrupt. Surprise! No, but seriously - the president is going senile, so his psychotic-pedophile of a homicidal daughter has been running the country through him, using... magic. But it's magic I highly doubt you've ever read about before.

The heroes of our story are Sobie (Isobel; aka Belle) and Liam (William; aka me). Sobie is an innocent girl, kills a few people, gains similar magical powers to the president's daughter (who is Mary. Or, the Virgin. Or, the Bloody. Or, the Beauty. Take your pick), and gets to do all sorts of morality-related thinking. Liam is a few years older than Sobie, but is on the opposite side of the spectrum from Sobie - he is a healer who has no magical powers (probably. We'll see about that). He does more morality-related thinking.

Basically, Sobie and Liam have to save the world from the Virgin before she, um... ruins the government even more? No, that's boring. Um... we'll see. I don't have an ending yet, but since I doubt I'll get there, I'll just leave it up to fate.

I have decided to not edit this story, whatsoever, until I am complete with it. No going back and changing words around; no fiddling with the style. How it comes out is how it stays until further notice.

I only have the three paged, 1689 word long prologue completed (where we have already gone through very basic background of the world, torture, magic, [fairly softcore] sex, violence, pedophilia, death, and general gruesomeness). If you want to read it, contact me and I'll hook you up with the link to my website. I am really, really not promising that it is any good... but, like most stories of mine, it will get better. Fo shizzle.

My goal: make July 13th through August 11th NaNoWriMo version 1.5. I really want to write this story, and I think it has a ton of potential... hopefully. But if I don't have a ton of structure (1000+ words per day), I'll never finish it.

let's get it on. come a little closer. let me whisper- whisper in your ear. let's get it on. come a little harder. let me touch you in those sexy places.
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this is me

snaz bomb


My father, to my great aunt, via the phone: "I have an impaled rib."
Me, the self-proclaimed grammar nazi: *stabs self in eye*

That essentially sums my day up.

I should get to writing.
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