July 11th, 2004

wasn't my bullet

i'm elekt america.

I need help.

After surfing through madradhair, I have decided that I need to do something with my hair.

I'm thinking about:

1) dreading it
2) dying it black and deciding what to do once that occurs
3) dying it some random other color (the consensus is showing that red and blue are popular colors)
4) seeing how white I can bleach it and deciding what to do beyond that later
5) leaving it alone for a few months and doing something with it over winter break
6) figuring out some random method of spiking (I'm thinking a faux-hawk)
7) leaving it alone and see how long it will grow after another year

(For pictures taken of it today [er, yesterday], go here.)

I'm getting a tad tired of washing it every day. It's a bit too long for that, and it uses way too much shampoo. Actually, this new shampoo I've been using (OT - haha, no longer Johnson's Baby Shampoo, Steve) is thicker and I don't have to use as much shampoo on it.

If I don't get any advice, I swear to God, I'll post in that there community and request help from them. Considering how completely emo those scenesters are, I will have emo hair. And you wouldn't want me to turn emo on you, now do you?!

Wow. I'm a nerd.
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