July 10th, 2004

consider it dug

mary magdalene had madder, radder hair than you.

According to this television show, Jesus was, well, evil. He killed people left and right and was a general asshole.

Thus: if Jesus was alive today, he would so be a serial killer. Then again, Charles Manson has always reminded me of how I've thought Jesus looked... in a not-quite-so-Middle Eastern sort of way.

Things I've done this week:
- Monday: nothing
- Tuesday: nothing
- Wednesday: senior pictures. We drove Kayti there - my appointment was at 11:20, hers was 10:40, we got there at 10:20. We went in and got our pictures taken. Whenever I smiled, my faces twitched. That was torturesome. Afterwards, we walked over to her house, where we watched part of Big Fish. Her dog tried to maul me (aka lick my face by jumping at me). It was quite exciting.
- Thursday: nothing
- Friday: nothing
- Saturday: went over to Laura+Mary's and modeled for the WATER BOTTLE FASHION SHOW! It was amusing. I love their dogs. Once that was completed, we went over to Wendy's, chatted about food poisoning, ate and left.

Believe it or not, this has been the most event-filled week that I've had this summer.

Tomorrow: novel writing shall commence. I will write this motherfucker and complete it before school begins, as an attempt to avoid getting my driver's license. You did not read that.

shake. that. butt.
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