July 7th, 2004

this is me

afk from everything.

Being a writer is hard work.

To be a writer, you have to stomach it all: "constructive" criticism that isn't really constructive at all; periods of time where you just can't write, regardless of how you feel or what you're doing; emotional attachments with characters.

It's funny.

It's especially funny when you begin to fall in love with those characters. You know how these people work, you know how they tick. You know exactly which good guys to be friends with and exactly which bad guys to avoid. You know who to fall in love with.

After all, you can't write about someone you hate. You write about the people you like, the people you would die to be friends with in The Real World.

And when you have that sudden burst of genius, the knowledge and awareness of exactly what you can do to make the story absolutely right... you could never do something to harm your friends.

You would never do that to a real friend, now would you?


Whether that is autobiographical or not is completely subjective. Prologue to a full-length story? Possibly. Probably not, but it is always a possibility.
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