July 5th, 2004


books get lonely without human contact.

For some time now, I've been contemplating doing a little extra studying this summer for French. I want to get an A in the class for once, as well as possibly taking (and, hopefully, passing) the AP French Language exam.

I chatting with my mother about languages earlier today, and she told me that "Maybe you should work at getting really good in the languages you already are studying before attempting to learn more."

That got me thinking. To really prepare myself for the AP exam, maybe I should aim a bit higher - study what is required for French Language and French Literature. While I was talking about that, another idea came to my mind, just as a flight of fancy. "Maybe I should also work toward the Italian AP exam!"

My mother laughed and shook her head. "I think that while you would be able to do well on all of those exams if you studied, you probably won't put in the effort to study for them."

Oh, man. Being the "rebellious" teenager I am... this is so war.

(I don't think I'll bother to attempt studying any further in Italian, since I only finished my first year in the damn class. But French... well, we'll see.)

On a completely unrelated topic, why am I so fond of Korean/Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)/Japanese music all of a sudden? Oh no! Next thing you know, I'll be watching anime and obsessing over it as much as Bellurva. :O!
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this is me

or we could live on love.

Red alert! Red alert! Attraction growing! Crush in sight!

Target made. Aiming. Shooting. (And it disappears from sight, to be lost in an abyss of love and lust.)

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God, I'm becoming such a camwhore. This would be considered fine if I was, you know, hot. Or attractive. Or, hell, at least cute.

Instead, I am becoming more emo by the second.

Kill me.

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