July 4th, 2004

this is me

cast a shadow my way.

I actually did something today.

After lazing around for several hours, reading fanfiction and eating marshmallows, I realized that I needed to get a dress shirt for my senior picture, which is this Wednesday. I wanted to wear something wildly different from what I normally wear, but not too different.

This left me with two options: dark red or black. Looking at the yearbook from last year, neither were extremely common. The last time I have worn something red was in the eighth grade, which was some ridiculous sweatshirt that I only wore once, since I hate long sleeves.

So I went to Target.

I decided to go to the Target by Golf Mill, since I doubted many people from my school work there (unlike the one by the Allstate Arena, or over on Rand Road). I walked in, headed toward the men's section... and saw the perfect shirt. It was dressy, but not too dressy. It was nice, but it wasn't too nice. It was perfect.

The problem? They didn't have it in 2XL. Now, I have gone down several sizes over the last few months - my pant size went from 44 to 40 while my shirt size went from 3XL to 2XL. I can fit into 38 and XL, but with pain, agony, and lots of blubber sticking out. I sighed, took an L and an XL of the shirt I liked, and went to try them on.

The large fit quite nicely. It was a tad small, but with a few crunches, it would have been much better. The XL fit even better. They fit me, people. Do you understand how amazing this is? I haven't fit into a shirt under 2XL since the seventh grade.

I was somewhat distressed as I was rebuttoning the shirts - I discovered that the large shirt was missing a button. I looked around. I couldn't find it. As I dropped the shirt off at the desk, where some girl and her pals were working, I did a praying act that nobody would notice it. I don't know whether they did, since I immediately rushed off.

My mood got better, due to the whole fitting-into-proper-clothing thing. I went searching for more clothing, just for the hell of it, and picked out another button-up shirt that was also XL, followed by a pair of 38 shorts (that fit!) and... boxers.

That's right. Boxers.

See, I haven't gotten past the age of 9. I have worn briefs for as long as I can remember, but lately, well... I just wanted to try something new. Something that might help my mood improve. And, dammit, if boxers are what it takes... so be it.

I also picked up some more shampoo. I should have gotten some deodorant, but I forgot. Oops.

Note that I did not mention what color shirt I decided on. If anyone wants to see it, well, wait until the yearbook comes out next year... or stop by the school at 11:20 on Wednesday.

Don't you love how I write about my day as though I think someone might actually care about what I did or what I bought? Yeah. I do too.

How exciting.
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