July 3rd, 2004

consider it dug

you're never gonna see who i am.

i am
out on my own
moving in shadow
nobody knows who
i am
standin' alone
and that's me
that you can't see
who i am

The new Killing Heidi CD is coming out on July 12... in Australia. I would suggest that you all go to amazon.com - or, hell, Australia - and buy it. And then buy the single. (Click here to hear the new single, "I Am." It totally kicks ass.)

My main problem with ISU and UIUC is, to put it bluntly... they're in-state. I hate Illinois. I want to go as far away from here as possible, and by going to either of those schools, I'll have to wait longer to leave. The good part about them being in-state is the price, since I'll be paying my way. Yay for one parent providing a rather low income! Woo! (Kill me.)

Another thing I dislike... but about ISU: not enough foreign languages. And no linguistics. I want to take, like, Arabic 101 my first year of college (along with whatever level of French and/or Italian). And linguistics have interested me for some time now, and I would at least like to try it out.

I will probably end up at ISU. I don't know if UIUC will accept me, due to my lackluster GPA and class rank. I've been looking at the University of Minnesota, Indiana University, Purdue University, and a few others that have what I want... and they all cost too much. So unless I decide to go to the University of Kansas, which has what I want and is the same price/cheaper than UIUC, then I will be staying in-state.

The idea of college fills me with terror and makes me want to run away. Then again, I've been looking up this stuff for eons now, so I know stuff. It shouldn't scare me so much. It does.

New topic.

I don't know whether I have simply become more observant recently (which would probably be difficult, since I'm already more hyper-observant than certain book characters that shall remain nameless), or whether it has been just increasing over the years... but my parents are getting back into that lovey-dovey crap.

Now, they have been married since 1984. They obviously love each other (since my mother is not the sort of person to stick around with someone if she hated them). However, their marriage has had nothing remotely similar to "romance" since before I was born. Recently, however, they have been kissing, groping, and doing all sorts of other things that make me want to vomit and/or go far, far away. Thus, college.

I read random parts from my NaNoWriMo novel. It really isn't the best thing that I have ever written, but portions have potential. As in, portions could be salvaged, rewritten, and published.

Just so everyone is aware: for some reason, comments posted in this journal haven't been showing up in my inbox all that much recently. So if you comment and get no response, don't worry - I still want to jump your bones.

i wish i could rip you out of your skin, switch us around and put you back in
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