June 27th, 2004

furious angels

coin-operated boy

As usual, not much to say about today.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, will be the beginning of a Great Upheaval. Let me describe it for you.

My plan is to wake up at 7:30 (which will probably end up being closer to 9:30). I will pull on my exercise outfit, go down to the living room, and do some exercise tape. Probably Tae-Bo, though Walk Away The Pounds or one of the Eight Minute tapes might come up. After the tape, I will go upstairs, check my e-mail as I cool off, and take my shower.

After my shower, I'll grab the camera and go for my walk. I think I'll just go around the neighborhood... and I probably won't end up taking any pictures, either. Well, I'll try to, but I'll probably forget.

Then I'll get back, update my photolog (well, what will soon become my photo/reviewlog) and sit for a while. Sometime around 12 I'll grab the weights and do some exercising. And 200+ crunches, since I've been doing those for a while recently.

Food will be scarce. Not completely scarce, since I like it, but I won't eat any huge amount. Breakfast will be an apple, or a pear, or an orange. Lunch will be a lean pocket. Dinner will be vegetables, soup, or something else.

I will lose this damned weight. The next time anyone sees me, I will not be recognizable.

(If anyone wants to do something exercise-related, boredom-related, or just hanging out related, just holler.)

In other news, I have a new desktop. Woo! The (International) Noise Conspiracy so kicks your ass.

"Women never do understand men. Of course, men don't understand women any better - but at least we don't suffer from the delusion that we do" (p. 87 of The Memory of Earth by Orson Scott Card).

Why are such truths so often ignored?
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