June 26th, 2004

this is me

bedroom eyes, rapture, and the jailhouse

I have had a reasonable day. Not much to talk about - I read, wrote, and did, er, normal teenage-type things.

I would just like to announce two things.

The first: wow, I love summer. During the school year, since I began to shave (mid-December or November, I believe), I shaved once every Saturday, right before I took my shower. Since I don't have to care about looking presentable, I have shaved one time since school let out.

I normally wouldn't care much about looking presentable (okay, so what if that's a lie?), but I look like, well, a "disreputable mexican" when I skip shaving. I won't mention who said that, but I don't disagree. I actually look a bit more like a wigga, but you know. I should skip shaving until I get around to cutting my hair. I will be cousin It before the summer ends, just you wait and see!

The second: my face is breaking out. This is problematic - I have never had a pimple-problem. Never. I might get the occasional zit on my cheek or whatever, but that only happens once a month or so. I should go scour my face and pray. Or not.

Off to do some more reading. Until tomorrow.

carelessness is what i miss and that's how i feel about you
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