June 23rd, 2004

this is me


Yet another day of doing the ever-so-exciting ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I hope it excites you as much as it excites me.

I still haven't gotten around to doing that whole working out and/or exercising thing. I keep on meaning to, but it just never works out: "I'll do a hundred push ups at seven," - "I'll lift some weights at nine," etc. I'm too lazy to actually do anything. Maybe tomorrow. Or, hell, maybe Friday. Saturday. Monday. July 12. August 18 - and by then I'll be 350 pounds and grumbling about everything. Oh, wait! Too late! (Give or take 100 pounds or so...)

My dream is actually to find an exercise/diet buddy. You know, so I could provoke him/her to exercise, he/she would provoke me. It would be great.

That's an idea.

Attention! SWM seeking daily exercise partner. Enjoys long walks, bitching about children, and mocking everything. Would prefer someone he can stand. Yes, he is serious. And damn sexy. (Or he will be, once he loses his lovely computer glow [no, it's not a tan], 100 pounds, and gains a few muscles.) That's where YOU come in. Save me from boredom and a lack of socialization - exercise with me! Tapes, walks, runs, I'm willing to do it all if you are. Except swimming. And anything that costs money... but yeah.

Now that that's over, I've got the results for the hair poll. Basically, it's unanimous - the third picture was voted the best by 15 people. The "hot," "sexy," and "attractive" comments were extremely flattering. My head now has a five foot radius. Strangely enough, my mother agrees with everyone else: that was the best picture, but she really didn't like my hair. She liked how I sort of stretched out my neck. Okay. Basically, I no longer need to cut my hair. Thanks to everyone who commented. :)

Enough of that bullshit. I'm going to go back to my Arabic music and mourn over my future a bit more. *emotes*
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