June 10th, 2004

every frequency

i have an e-mail to write.

I would like to announce several things:

I AM NOW A SENIOR. Haha I kick ass.

The Chem final was... yeah. I thought it was difficult, but nowhere near as painful as the French final. I hope I kept my A. I'm praying that I kept my A. I probably didn't keep my A, and I'm going to go after the next final is over to check.

Trig grade: 70.0%. I actually got a 67% on the final, which should have made my grade gone down... but Mrs. Michaels is the best teacher ever and raised me up. I love that woman. Like, wo.

History grade: 81.0%. YOU SEE IT. I GOT A B. I GOT A B IN A (pseudo-college level) HISTORY CLASS, AND I KICK ASS. AHAHAHAHAHA. McClure is, quite obviously, God.

I'll update sometime around 12:00 to share my Chem grade, as well as my French grade (if I can find my teacher, at any rate...). Here's to hoping I kept my grades in both classes...

To recap: I AM A SENIOR!, I pulled the grades I wanted in History and Trig, I am now done with math for the rest of high school (except for Physics), I may or may not have sucked ass on the Chem final, and summer is now here.

Plans for the next three months: write a new novel, lose 20+ pounds, and possibly dread hair.

The year from hell is over at last.
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I couldn't find my French teacher, so my French grade is currently the only grade I do not know. I doubt I went down 4%, though, even with the final... so I'm pretty sure it's still a B. :)

Chem grade: 90.0%. Yeah, I pulled a Chua; I went down like wo. I have the second highest grade in the class - Ewelina got 90.1%. We're the only As.

So I am now, officially, a senior. And my GPA probably went up like wo. And the same with my class rank.

About time.
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