June 9th, 2004

wasn't my bullet

we were doomed from the start.

Before school, as I was heading down C-Wing to find out my History grade, I ran into Katie and Meghan, who were trying to find Mr. MacLowery. I followed them for about ten minutes or so, before I went to get help from my Trig teacher for the final. I asked stuff, I learned stuff, it was all good. God, I wish I had gone in for help before... understanding is so nice.

The Trig final was... I don't know. It seemed very easy - except for most of the bearing problems, of course - but I just don't know how to judge how I did. I do know that if I hadn't asked for help this morning, there would have been no way I would have gotten about six questions right. I am so hoping for a C. Like, wo.

English final: very very easy. I used a huge number of quotes, had six paragraphs (better than my typical five), and it was just wonderful. I so kept my A. We finished watching Brazil, and dear sweet Jesus - what a fantastic movie. I love that movie. I want to own the DVD. I want to watch it again and again and again. It is just... wow. As an end of the year thing, Mr. Gray told us all to not be afraid to see psychiatrists if we ever have problems. "You all have emotional scars in one way or another." Wise words, but, uh... a somewhat strange note to end the year with.

I came home. I slept. I'm halfway through the year in my Chemistry studying. I'm quite excited for Chua, who got the only A in his Chem class - and a 90.0%, at that! Here's to hoping I keep my grade well above the A/B border.

I've decided to not do Colorguard. I like it, it's fun, difficult, etc - but I realized that I'm just not going to have the time this summer and next year to do it and everything else I'm planning on doing. I still have to call Emily (or, maybe e-mail her) about it, but it's pretty much set in stone, beyond that. Oh well. It was good while it lasted. (Note: this was a false alarm. I talked to Tiffany and have decided to do it... if I was that easy to sway, then maybe I really did want to do it. :P)

I went on another fantastic walk last night. I walked the circumference of my neighborhood - down Drake to Cranbrook, down Radcliffe, down Wisconsin, down Ardmore, and back via Drake. I like this walking thing, even though I'm getting chased by cop cars and all of this. I'm thinking of heading into Mount Prospect (also known as "across the street") for tonight's walk. Actually, I should probably think about walking along busier, lit-up streets; this walking in the dark is just asking for serial killers, seriously.

One more final and I will be a senior. You hear that? One more.

I should get back to studying. Good luck tomorrow, people.
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