June 7th, 2004

this is me

gastric bypass is stupid.

"Are you ready to rock? This song is about death."

I hate losing my people-watching opportunities. There will be no more pseudo-stalking, running to my yearbook, and sighing dramatically as I gaze at The Crush's picture with sparkling stars and thumping hearts in my eyes.

I can already tell that I'll see The Crush when I get back to school and realize that I am no longer obsessed. Fuck. I don't want to fall out of lust. It's too much work.

Due to the student ambassador thing, I signed up to have my schedule changed for next year so that I can have first period free. Thus, GDA will possibly be third (avec Chua and Mary). We'll see. (Late arrival every day? I agree, what a brilliant idea!)

This time next week I will be in West Virginia, completely removed from the horrors of normal life. We'll be there for about a week and a half, quickly followed by a trip to West Virginia University in Morgantown (on the other side of the state from where we'll be). And then we'll come back the next day.

I have a 78.8% in History... without the final, which we took today. I can miss up to about 8 questions and I should still manage a B. Is this exciting or is it just me?

I have two finals tomorrow - Italian and French. I haven't bothered studying for my Italian final (and won't), and I am attempting to shove as much French grammar into my head as possible, but it just doesn't seem to be working. But hey! At least I have the present, future, past, and conditional tenses down. (Shoot me.)

I've been visiting Mrs. Michaels a lot recently, to figure out bearing problems. I'm hoping that she will realize that since I went from Plane Geometry to Advanced Algebra/Trig (and have been putting in effort), she will be willing to give me a higher grade, regardless of my final. Still praying for a C on the final (and studying like hell)? You betcha.

My final grades should end up looking something like this (with any luck):
Italian, Chemistry, English, Outdoor Ed - A
French, History - B
Trig - C

If I was just a bit smarter - able to get a B in Trig, instead of a C - I would be so happy. Hell, if I was better at French, and almost at an A, I would be happy. This is the subject I want to major in, for crying out loud - what am I doing with a pathetic grade? Maybe I should reconsider my future as a professional francophone.

I should spend more time studying.

Yeah, right. Like that's really going to happen.
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