June 4th, 2004

this is me

we get into his car and we just drive

Nobody that I have talked to have any classes with me next year. Come on, people, get your schedules!

I finished getting signatures in my Yearbook today - Claire, Katie K., Brandon. There are still maybe two people I'd like to sign, but I never see them, so I doubt that it will happen. My favorite comment: "You're a beautiful and brilliant boy." That comes from the only one of my (cough)crushes(cough) who I got to sign. Excellent.

The Senior Honors assembly was okay. I had the worst seat in the place, though, I swear to God - way up in a corner where I wasn't able to see anyone. It sucked. During a number of the awards, I guessed on who I thought would win them... and I got six out of seven correct. Beyond that, congratulations to all of the Seniors! Just one more year and I will be freefreefree.

I got my first bearing problem right today. I practically cried, it was fantastic. We played Scrabble in French... only, not in French. I still can't believe I put down "mooses." Yeah, maybe I'm not as much of an English nerd as I thought I was. Oh, wait, sorry - I can't believe Joe put down "mooses." :P

Italian was Italicious. I chatted avec Will. I played a not-very-Pursuitish version of Trivial Pursuit with Tiffany, Natalie, and Ronnie in History. Yes, Tiffany. That was hysterical. Lunch was good. Outdoor Ed was boring and I still want to take it again next year, dammit. I love Brazil - how can anyone not understand that movie? I wanted to kill Peter a few times in Chemistry for hitting me over the head with his bottle. Fuck you too, you fucking cunt. :)

See, I have this problem with people touching me. I am not a very touchy person. Thus, when someone touches me, I get antsy and want to go away. Far away. To put it simply, don't fucking touch me if you don't want a fucking knife up your ass, goddammit. Yes, that includes hitting me with a bottle. Don't.

I read The Geography Club by Brent Hartinger. It was good, but, well... totally unrealistic. I wouldn't mind writing my own version of that book. (It would be superior, though.)

And now I read more. I should be studying. Maybe tomorrow. (Or, even better - maybe never!)

Note to self: call Kris at 6:30 Sunday night, just in case - Trig studying.
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