June 3rd, 2004

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Yet another "my day" entry.

I woke up at my normal time (five) and laid in bed, attempting to get back to sleep. That didn't work. At about 5:40 I realized that I should probably get to school early, to get Tiffany to sign my yearbook. I got going.

I got to school at around 7:15, found Mr. G, gave him my guard form, got the other sheet, left. I got a few more signature/comment thingies.

Trig was blah. I did surprisingly well on the review, and then I found out that the test we can (optionally) make up tomorrow will replace the test from before. I was hoping that it would be an average, or the better score, or something. No. Since my grade in the class is a 70.0%, I've decided to be an idiot, take my chances, and pray that I can pull a C on the final. (I doubt that it will happen.)

French is great without everyone. Kevin lost to Mme Labbe at a verb race - haha! To be fair, he did come close. Then I tried a million and a half times to beat him, but I lost every time. Damn verbs. (Yes, Kevin, you are stalking me. Now - get an LJ or I'll have to beat it out of you.) Throughout the period, Kevin randomly alluded to me that he believed that Joe won the election. I was freaking out, because I really wanted it, but, um. Yeah.

Italian was so goddamn ridiculous. I talked to Will for a while. I hate that class, but it's an easy A. And I like the language. History was even lamer - I stayed in with Natalie and Shelley, watching 13 Days, while everyone else played softball. I went a-searching for Mrs. Ryken during lunch with Chua, and that ended with hysterical results. "Ryken! Mrs. Ryken! *runs after her*" I then talked to Mary about, um, nothing in particular. We both people watch, which was fun to talk about.

Only nine people remain in Outdoor Ed, due to the whole being seniors-and-graduating thing. We cleaned up, rearranged the climbs, etc. I was bored as hell, just standing there, anchoring. Ugh. We watched more of Brazil in English - what an utterly fantastic movie! It just makes me feel good. I don't know why, but it does.

Chemistry was grade-time (getting back the projects, etc). Oh boy - it was a massacre. I got the best grade in the class, with a 94/100 on my individual project, and 142/160 on the whole thing. One of the people in my group (no naming names or anything) got 20/100 on his individual part. I got 77/94 on the test from yesterday. My grade in the class is 91.6%. I need to get some form of a B on the final to keep my A. Whew.

After school was the final meeting of the year for French Club. We ate first, followed by tossing around a Pre-Calculus book. We also dissed Kevin every two seconds. What a wonderful event.

Mme Labbe waited until we were about to go outside to play petanque (lawn bowling) before she told us who won the French Club presidency. "It was a close race, but Adam won." HAHA TAKE THAT YOU FUCKING SCHMUCK. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I AM SUCH A LOSER. Anyone who voted for me - you fucking kick ass. Sexual favors may or may not be given. Your choice.

I sucked at petanque, but we still won. Also, before I finish up, I would just like to announce that the earth is a bastard. That is all.
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this is me

just comment on this.

This is a sort of poll, because I'm curious.

1. Do you consider yourself to be my friend?
2. Do you consider me to be a friend?

(Just wait... nobody will answer this.)

Edit: So anyone who is curious is aware, I wanted to see how people define the word "friendship," and what better a way than to use a survey based on a subject whom I know much about? (Read: I am a nerd.)
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