May 26th, 2004

this is me


I want you...

... to take me out.

Today was a day, much like any other. It was early dismissal. During first period, my Chemistry teacher had an accident... resulting in a school-wide evacuation. Thus, less Trig. Thank you, Mrs. Ryken!

I passed both of the last quizzes in French! Hallelujah! Actually, I did better than a number of people on both - 36/50 on the last one, and 41.5/50 on the one before that. Excellent. The problem with French is that it is official: Kevin will not be taking French 4 with the rest of us. If, as my French teacher has mentioned, there are 17 students in 3/4 next year... only two of them will be in 4. Fuck. I want to do an independent study, dammit.

Italian is boring, History is boring (and we'll be playing softball against AP Euro tomorrow... maybe...), lunch is boring. Outdoor Ed is infuriating - I haven't been able to get off the ground on red, green, white, or outside yellow - and, regardless of my hard work, I'm still going to get a D on this unit. Plus, three of us big guys have been forced to use the one large harness. What the hell? Plus, all of those "battles" were going on today while the people who needed to gain points weren't able to. Okay, enough bitching.

English was English. I began to feel extremely tired during the class, covered my eyes with my hair, and attempted to fall asleep. I then realized that I was trying to sleep in school, and I just don't do that. So I quit. Chemistry was fantastic. I now understand solubility. Hot damn.

I don't know whether it is nationally being recognized or whatever, but Des Plaines is going under a huge flood. I know a ton of people who have gone sandbagging, and a few people whose houses are being flooded. I am so far away from the Des Plaines River (aka, the one sure way to get the Black Plague) that it is like it isn't actually happening. I haven't even seen the river recently. Oh well.

I got home, stood outside with Kris, set a pen on fire, and went inside. I meant to mow the lawn, but I was so tired that I didn't bother. I slept from, like, 4:00 to 6:30. It was great. I love sleep.

Yet more proof that I am emo: I turned down a chance to smoke today. I have wanted to try that sort of thing for so long... and then, when I have the opportunity, I turn it down. What the hell? I am so xxxxxxxstraightXedgexxxxxxx that I'm not. I kick ass.

We got a letter in the mail today... on senior pictures. Holy shit, am I really almost a senior? I've had this journal since before freshman year. How pathetic. But anyway, the letter listed the date for the pictures - June 18, 9:15 AM. Uh, I sort of can't do that, due to the whole leaving-for-West Virginia thing (which will occur from June 13-26). We're going to change the date for the pictures or leave after the pictures. I'm not sure which. I hope we leave that Sunday, personally - then I won't miss The Unicorn. Hell, at least I won't miss Franz Ferdinand! Bwaha. (By the way, anyone want to come with me to both/either concert? They're under $20 and in Chicago. Comment/IM me for more information.)

I actually just remembered something quite important. A few months ago, I created a community for people who go to Maine West. And then I abandoned it. And I just came across it again... thus, you all must join. Tell your friends! It'll be fun. mwhs

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