May 25th, 2004

wasn't my bullet

as if anyone will read this.

Think about it like this.

You add me (or tell me to add you before adding me), then you're staying. You don't "remove" me. That is bullshit. I'm not catering to your whims or reading your journal entries because I hate you. If you're on my friend's list, then I a) like you or b) like reading your entries.

And hell, while I'm bitching, let's go all out. Who the fuck are you to ask "can you add me to your friends?" or whatever when you don't even have me as a friend? It's bullshit. This is the internet. Most people don't give a damn about anything. Just add me and get over with it. I'll add you within a day, at most. And what the hell; if you aren't added within a week, then you should ask.

Friends only is also fucking pathetic. What are you, a pussy? As I said before, this is the internet. Nobody cares about you. Sure, a stalker might be after you - which, of course, is the exception to the rule. Not only does friends only look incredibly selfish ("Oh, I'm better than everyone else! I will make people beg to read my journal!"), but it really takes away from the community component that LiveJournal was built upon. We are a community, people, whether you like it or not. Deal.

If you ever plan on removing me from your friends list, do it now or not at all. Thank you.

I should probably link this in my profile.
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pacifist liiiiiiies

Because I am in a posting-mood:

New draft bills are going through congress.

I'd feel better about the draft if it included women, as well as men. Silly, equality-bent me!
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