May 24th, 2004

furious angels

you make baby jesus commit suicide.

I should be doing French homework, but I'll make this brief.

Joe did not turn in his French club speech during class. He said he would turn it in during fifth, but I'm hoping he forgot. You should all hope that he did, as well.

Kevin has some schedule conflicts for next year, resulting in French and English 3 AP conflicting. He wants to take English, but he also wants to take French... he'll probably end up taking French 4 as an independent study. Bastard. That leaves Alma and myself for people who are taking French 4. (At the beginning of next year, I'm going to see if I could do some sort of an extra independent study thing for French, just to supplement the class.)

I suck at climbing.

Right before Italian, Tabitha came up and asked me to come to the Colorguard practice today. Believe it or not, I'm actually thinking about it. Hey, I doubt I'll even pass the auditions, so don't worry - and hell, what's the harm in trying something new? Anyway, if you want to come, it's in B-Wing Gym from 6-9 tonight. I don't know what sort of attire you should be wearing, but I'm going to have a pair of sweatpants underneath my jeans, just in case.

My Chemistry group drove me insane today. I freaking wrote the Table of Contents based on what they had said, and none of them followed how I had it arranged (separate pages for everything). Dammit. Losing points makes Adam sad. However, I was one of maybe five people who did their homework, so that definitely counts for something. ;)

My Trig grade is 69.9%. Fuck. I need to, like, you know... work.

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