May 23rd, 2004

this is me

wow i'm even more pathetic than usual

"It's choking me," I said. Nobody bothered to look in my direction. "It's choking me, and I'm going to die."

It tightened its grasp upon my neck. I could barely breathe - carbon dioxide was leaving my lungs, but nothing was there to take its place.

"Oh, God," I forced out. It was a struggle to breathe. It was a struggle to keep my eyes open, to stay awake, to survive. "Someone help me!"

It drew even closer to my flesh. I could feel it cut through my skin, releasing a thin line of blood. As it welled up, I began to go unconscious.

Suddenly, as the black drew in, closer and closer...

It released me. The light burst back, as warm and tangible as ever. I could breathe. I was free.

Falling to the ground, I looked up toward my savior and that which it had vanquished.

"Thank you, summer," I told it. With little more than a cheery smile, it had defeated the dark forces of school for another three months.
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