May 21st, 2004

this is me

obsessive to the nth

This entry is going to be a big burst of emotions.

Cover your eyes, open your mouths, and scream with excitement! It's ACT TIME!

(In case someone forgets, all of the subscores are out of 18.)

<td>        Pre-Algebra/Elem. Alg</td> <td>        12 - 68%</td> <td>        12 - 68%</td> </tr> <td>        Alg./Coord: Geometry</td> <td>        11 - 68%</td> <td>        14 - 93%</td> </tr> <td>        Plane Geometry/Trig.</td> <td>        11 - 65%</td> <td>        11 - 65%</td> </tr> <td>Reading</td> <td>31 - 94%</td> <td>29 - 90%</td> </tr> <td>        Soc. Studies/Science</td> <td>        17 - 99%</td> <td>        14 - 84%</td> </tr> <td>        Arts/Literature</td> <td>        14 - 79%</td> <td>        17 - 97%</td> </tr> <td>Science</td> <td>25</td> <td>26</td> </tr> <td>COMPOSITE</td> <td>27 - 90%</td> <td>28 - 93%</td> </tr>
Subject ACT April 3 - %ile ACT April 27 - %ile
English 31 - 97% 33 - 99%
        Usage/Mechanics         18 - 99%         17 - 99%
        Rhetorical Skills         14 - 89%         16 - 98%
Mathematics 22 - 66% 25 - 81%

That took forever.

So anyway, I got my ACT scores today. I went up a full point - from 27.25 to 28.25. I still can't believe that I had almost gotten a 29, if not for one damn point...

For that matter, I can't believe I went up so high in English and Math, but down [!] in Reading. Reading! That was my highest thing the whole time, and now it's... not.

I have beaten my mother. And Chua. And Kris. And everyone, for the most part, excluding those Intelligent Few. You know who you are.

I care way too much about this.

In other news, my day was ridiculous. Three tests (none of which I had studied for). Two and a half periods, in a row, in the damn LRC. I voted in Outdoor Ed. I'm tired. I am glad it's the weekend.

Tomorrow, I shall be meeting up with Kris after his dentist appointment. We will be doing homework together, followed by a random movie that I will look up on Here's to getting him to do his homework.

I filled out the application to be a "student ambassador," or someone who helps out transfer students. Yes, everything on my application was a lie. I admit it! (Well, no.)

I am unhappy with my English group. Ryan is a conservative imbecile (he's the sort of person that give conservatives a bad name), Alex is just weird, and Katie... well, at least she's normal. And nice. Okay, she's the exception. SOMEONE REMIND ME ON SUNDAY: I need to send Katie my bibliography.

And now... I sit.

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