May 20th, 2004

every frequency


I ran into my counselor, Mr. Nagorzanski, right before French... and he told me to come down during 3a, to fix my "schedule conflicts."

So second period passed. I went down to his office, sat, waited, and discovered what classes I was screwed for.

Anthropology was the same period as French 4, second, so I couldn't take it. English 4 AP was the same period as my lunch - which I had not signed up for - and Sociology, so I was quite unhappy. Schedule switching occurred.

I dropped Sociology, had my gym periods switched around, got into English 4 AP, and began to raise a fuss over how he wouldn't let me take an eighth class. "It could even be an easy one," I said, and he continued to refuse. More bitching. No. He called my mother, she said something - probably along the lines of "He's insane, DON'T LET HIM DO IT!!!!!1" and that was that.

There are 700 students with schedule conflicts for next year, and I was the first one to get his schedule fixed. Bitchin'.

My schedule for next year:

1. Government/Democracy Acc
2. French 4
3. Free
4. Italian 2
5. (semester 1) Senior Lifetime & Wellness
5. (semester 2) Strength Training
6. English 4 AP
7. Physics 2
8a. Physics 2
8b. Biology 2 AP
9. Biology 2 AP

Enough about that.

I am selling candy for French Club. Buy. Seriously. It's all good, but I would prefer it if you all buy the Crunch bars and the Baby Ruth bars, since people seem to be more fond of the 100 Grand (wtf?) and the Butterfingers. Buy. Please?

I had an incredibly lazy, easygoing day, where I didn't actually do anything whatsoever. I should have made up the (sniff) Trig test (sob), but yeah. I "forgot." I should probably study for the French test as well. And the Italian tests. But you know what? I probably won't, because I'm an IDIOT like that.

I want my ACT score, dammit. A number of people I know have already received them - and they have all gone up several points since last time. I'm hoping for a 28, but I doubt that that will happen. I'm not that lucky and/or smart.

Why is it so warm? And why did my father have the heat on today? For that matter, why am I still so goddamn sick?
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