May 18th, 2004

this is me

i can see right through you (you tough ghost)

Science Awards tonight.

So Kris received a letter in the mail, notifying him that he would be receiving an award. He was looking forward to it.

And then.

Today, his Chemistry teacher asked the people in his class whether they would be at the award ceremony tonight or not. She didn't ask him. It turns out that he wasn't on her list... so he got depressed.

He did decide to go to the awards tonight, though. So we get there, sit, wait. I flip through the program... and realize that we were both getting an award for Scholastic Bowl. "So that's why I got a letter!"

And all was good and pure in the world.

Actually, when I discovered that, I began freaking out over how "OMG I'm not going to get a Chemistry award shit shit OMG ugh." And then I looked at the names under Chemistry 2: and I was one of them. Hallelujah! Only two people from my Chem class got an award - me and Ewelina. I have a feeling that my Chemistry teacher likes quiet students.

As Sara said, we were totally the coolest kids at the Science Awards.

Nothing happened today. Period. Well, I am coming down with this stupid sore throat... I can't be sick. Can't. Hell, I could be coming down with cancer and I'll keep going to school. I have under a fucking month left. I can't miss anything.

And that's a lovely thought.
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