May 14th, 2004

this is me

the curse that flew right by you

Figuring out a way to get rid of the annoying spyware on my computer makes me happy... even though it did take away a good portion of my me-time for the day.

Oh, wait. Every second of the day is me-time. My bad.

So I am completely sick of the stupid library. I have been there six times over the last four days, for History and Chemistry. In History today, we began researching the woman/topic of our choice for the assessment... I got who I wanted, Ida Tarbell.

Mrs. Ryken is, in my opinion, an excellent teacher. However, I asked her a question today - "I can't find the pH level for drinking water, what should I do?" or something like that - and she said, "Some of the questions are very difficult, and that's good. You won't be given easy questions to answer when you go to college." I don't fucking care. I have spent the last two days searching for that information, and I have found nothing. Not a single fucking word. Tell me the damn pH!

I ran out of time on the Trig test today. I only managed to finish six of the questions before the period ended... though I am of the opinion that I got the bearing probem I tried correct. I passed the test I made up, too - 62%! Haha I kick ass.

In other testing news, the French test was a mix of difficult and easy. I got the vocab and the subjunctive down fine, but the questions on the book were just over my head. Oops? I got the second highest score on the Italian test - 94%, right behind Will's 96%, the goddamn bastard. I almost got 98%, but I made two stupid errors - an "o" instead of an "e" on "rosse" and a last second change ("piace" to "piacciono") which didn't turn out as I had hoped. Oh well.

We worked on our comparisons in English - Karri wasn't there, though, so I only worked with Claire. We chatted. She invited me to go thrifting on some future Monday with Kris, Katie, and their gang, and I think I shall do so.

I get home. I do nothing. Kris calls, asks if I want to go to Band-o-Rama - and no. I'm interested, but I need to go to sleep. Plus, I'm not in the mood to be social. He also mentioned going to see a movie tomorrow, which also may or may not occur. Hopefully, it will.

I want to do something with my hair. I'm still interested in dreading it, but I want to wait until after I visit my grandparents. If I have dreads when I go to visit them (about this time next month, actually), they will be horrified. Probably. Well, maybe not; Mike had a dyed mohawk back in the early '90s and they weren't too distressed. We'll see.

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