May 11th, 2004

wasn't my bullet

i like spreading memes.

Something intriguing before I head off to school (for the 7:15 meeting of French Club):

See how many words per minute you can read. I got 875.8 words per minute, and I'd have to say that it would be higher (900ish) if I didn't have to stop reading while I scrolled. I haven't taken the comprehension test yet, due to a lack of time (and shoot I'm running late) so yeah.

500 - 1000 wpm: An excellent reading rate achieved by less than 1 percent of the population. Indicates that you have breached the sub-vocalization barrier of 475 - 500 wpm to some extent and are more than capable of attaining much higher speeds.
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this is me

my administration will be liberal as fuck.

I got to French Club five minutes late today... but no worries, Mme Labbe was late as well. Only four people showed up: me, Kevin (sophomore in French 3), Wing (junior in French 3), and some guy in French 2. We had croissants et Nutella. It was good.

But that's not the best part. We somehow got off the subject of the field trip next week (to Retro Bistro) and on to talking about the positions which were still open for next year. Edith gave the teacher her card which said she wouldn't mind being the Vice-President/President/Secretary (in that order), which meant that three positions were open, regardless of what Edith became.

Thus, Kevin said, "I'll run for Vice-President of Adam runs for President." He would have run for President, but considering how he will have the chance after I graduate, it's a better idea for me to be President next year - college applications and all that. So we signed up. Since I highly doubt that anyone will actually run for any of the positions, I'm pretty much officially President. (French Club today... tomorrow, THE WORLD!)

That wasn't all we talked about, though. Mme Labbe mentioned how French 1 has only 16 students, French 2 has 22, and French 3/4 has 12. That is sad. Plus, only three people (me, Alma, and Kevin) will be going on to French 4, while 15 will be going on to French 3. Big difference, eh?

The part which resulted in my big dancing act: Mme told us that she would be doing something a bit different for us French 4 students - a sort of independent study for part of the week, and together with the rest of the class for the rest of the week. Thus, we would be able to do French 4 and 5 at the same time. Thus, the AP test. (Am I insane enough to actually do it? We'll see. More about that sometime next year.)

Now, the rest of my day.

I was sent out into the hall, along with Natalie, during Trig. We bitched about school. French was Frenchtastic. Italian was pathetic. The selective colleges assembly thing for History? Stupid as hell. (Selective colleges are HARD TO GET INTO! Wow, what a concept!) During that little five minute period between History and fifth, I stalked about five different people.

Trig test make-up. So I sit down, look at the test... blank. I had no clue on how to do anything. I didn't have a reason to leave, so I sat and wrote random numbers down - and then, I stumbled across an idea. "Maybe I'm not putting sinA in the right spot!" I changed everything around, ran out of time, will have to make it up after Italian tomorrow. Dammit.

Alma made me go up orange in Outdoor Ed. It's not that I don't want to climb, but I really really really don't want to. I got quite high up, though - a few feet from the top - and then... my arms were tired. I couldn't get up. I gave up. I pushed up for the next hold and "slipped," aka, "purposely fell." Oh well. I have now attempted Purple, Orange, Blue, and Gray... and I have succeeded at none. Haha! I kick ass.

English was sitting. Chemistry was getting things for the teacher, beginning the final project, and getting annoyed. That was all.

I have nothing else to spout. Oh well.
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