May 9th, 2004

this is me

this is what i am, i am a man

More stupidity today. I got a few CDs, did a bit of whining, brought my mother to Borders so she could get whatever she'd like (off my own money), and I read a bit.

I don't much like the concept of Mother's Day. I mean, sure, it's an important day to honor and respect the woman who gave birth to you (or whoever is equal to that), but it's so fake. My family has pretty much given up celebrating any holidays beyond birthdays and Christmas - and even for all of that, we do it half-assed.

Wow. I am so apathetic.

Survivor Finale tonight. I should study for my Chemistry, Trig, French, and Italian tests tomorrow... but I don't think I will. Oh well.

I need to write. Need. I just can't. And then... I was just reading an old story I began back in January, came up with an idea, and here it goes.

Collapse )

There's more to it than that, but I gave up because it was so shitty. Ho hum. Next story where I need to use the thesaurus, I'll use a word that has more synonyms.

michael, you're the boy with all the leather hips
sticky hair, sticky hips, stubble on my sticky lips
michael, you're the only one i'd ever want
only one i'd ever want, only one i'd ever want
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