May 7th, 2004

this is me

i don't want pity.

Please explain the following to me:

Advanced Algebra/Trig: D
US History AP: C
French: B
Outdoor Ed: A
English 3 Acc: A
Italian 1: A
Chemistry 2: A

Now, that isn't that bad of a report card, considering how I'm getting 4 As. However, Mrs. Michaels gave out a grade sheet a few weeks ago with my grade as a C. A low C, true, but still - a C. And then there is History.

Comments for History: "Minimal effort. Lack of participation."

EXPLAIN THIS TO ME. That is the first time all year he has written down "lack of participation." I am Mister I-Have-Said-Two-Words-All-Year, so what the fuck is with that? And then there's the "minimal effort" - WHAT THE FUCK, MCCLURE. ARE YOU BLOODY INSANE?!?! I HAVE FUCKING PUT MORE EFFORT INTO YOUR GODDAMN CLASS THAN THE REST OF MY CLASSES COMBINED.

He's been going on all year about how for the fourth quarter midterm grades, he would be putting wacky comments for everyone. I would not call that "wacky." I would call that "I hate this kid so I'm going to make him commit suicide :)."

And then there was the AP test.

I go through it once, answering just what I knew right off the bat, and marking in my packet the questions which I have narrowed down to one or two answers. I finish, go back, get through ten of the maybe thirty marked down questions - AND TIME IS CALLED. I had those goddamn answers, I just had to fucking put them down. I am an idiot.

And then the DBQ was on the French and Indian War. Who the fuck cares about the French and Indian War?! My free responses were the effect of the American Revolution on women and slaves, and America's containment policy. I fucked all of that shit up.

So yeah, I'm going to get a 1, I will never get a B in History, my GPA is being weird, and I hate my life. Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate.

Why did I bother? Why? Why why why?

Edit: by the way, big thanks go out to Tiffany and Mary for informing me of how the comment machine thingy was broken. I guess the comments were wrong, then. (Still, it hits a bit too close to home. Oh well.)
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