May 3rd, 2004

wasn't my bullet


My first AP exam was today. Only four more (give or take) before I graduate...!

I never got a response back from Ms. Belden on whether you could omit questions, so when I got into the room, I asked Laura. Yes. Thus, once I began the multiple choice, I estimated that I could omit two questions per passage - totaling eight questions. The first passage took forever, and I ended up omitting two questions from that.

Halfway through the second passage, homeroom began. Thus, announcements. Ten straight minutes of announcement after announcement, while we're trying to make it through the goddamn exam.

What. The. Fuck.

So I have no concentration. I'm struggling to make it through the passage - I complete maybe three questions in that ten minute span. Then I rush. I don't omit anything until the fourth passage, where I skip around, run out of time, and leave about four questions blank. Okay.

After a break, we got to Essay It Up (tm). I had my watch out, gauged each 40-minute essay time, and began with the first question. (Note: I'm not "allowed" to comment on what each essay was about, so this will all be hypothetical. Right.)

Wow, that one sucked. I would be surprised if I got anything above a 5 on that one - I couldn't think of any rhetorical strategies to describe the letter with. That one took me maybe 50 minutes to write, so I was 10 minutes over the suggested amount of time.

The second essay was the argument one - I was planning on leaving it until the end, but I decided to just dive into it. Hypothetically, it might have been about controversial issues. If it had been, I would have written about the Pledge of Allegiance, since my gay marriage thing wasn't working out. This is all hypothetical, of course.

That essay didn't take too long at all. The third essay was my favorite - hypothetically, it could have been about contrasts in the introduction to a book. That book may or may not have been written by RICHARD RODRIGUEZ, but no one will ever know for certain. (Until two days from now, at any rate!) I loved that one. It was easy to write, I enjoyed it, etc. This one is probably going to be my highest scoring essay.

We get out at about 11:40 - late enough to miss History, thank God. I was totally out of it (as I stated constantly, to anyone who would listen), and really wish I could have just gone home. I didn't.

Outdoor Ed was swell, I was a few minutes late to English (first time I was late to any class all year - and Mr. Gray didn't even give a damn [which he would have if I was, say, Alex. Or Leif.]), my hand almost fell off in Chemistry. I understand electronegativity! I'm not stupid! Yahoo!

So I got home, sort of ate sort of slept sort of bitched about my day, and then had Jewish food for dinner. Kugel, corned beef sandwiches, Halavah, bagels... yum. No lox, though.

I believe I received a 3 or 4 on the AP exam today. Maybe a 5. I'm hoping for a 5. I doubt that I did that well, though.

Also, if anyone who took the exam today is curious in figuring out what they might get... check out this link. Do the math. It's super nifty keen like wo. *obsesses*
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