April 29th, 2004

wasn't my bullet

leave so soon?

The Work Keys test was today. 8 to 1.

So I get to school, go off with Kris to grab a bagel from the A-Wing gym, eat, get to class. The writing assessment was about - get this - how Illinois is the only state in the United States which requires physical education for all four years. Of course, as it was a persuasive essay on whether that was good or not, I said "I DISAGREE!" My essay was shit.

The rest of the testing went pretty well. I got 123 pages into 1984, though I really really should have brought my APUSH book to study from... ugh. The bribe for the day was more bagels... and grapes. One of my grapes was in the shape of a square, so I ate around it - until I realized that that grape was moldy. Ew.

Afterward, I went over to Kris' house, where he ate and we watched part of the movie Once Upon A Time In Mexico. It was... intriguing. Then we came over to my house, where we socialized for several hours. Then he left. And here I am.

When we came over here, we saw that the jerks next door were taking stuff out of their house and having it put onto a truck. They are officially moving! About Goddamn time. Fucking schmucks.

I also had to lock up the dog, as he doesn't get along with, uh, humans very well. I brought him into the basement. On the stairs, on the way down, he slipped and fell. Twice. God, I hated that... I really didn't want him to be down there, but it completely slipped my mind that he could have gone into the washroom. Oops.

Oh, I almost forgot! The main reason I began this entry. A letter my parents received today:

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That is just so incredibly that I had to share it. I succeeded at something! It makes up for History! And my foreign language work! And English! And all the bullshit classes that I struggle through to get a reasonable grade!

For that matter, when Krasinski sees that I will be receiving an award... he's going to shit a brick. Haha. (Edit: I just found out that Kayti is also receiving an award. KRASINSKI WILL DIE. AHAHAHAHAHA! Editx2: for that matter, Sara is getting an award as well! Congratulations, everyone!)

I fucking kick ass. Bow down, bitches.
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this is me

So Great A Force

My found poem, based on The Death of the Moth by Virginia Woolf (who is also an extremely good writer):

My eye was caught by him:
So awkward,
So stiff;
Those futile attempts-
He could only flutter-
One could only watch
The slow approach of death,
This last protest.
Tokens of death
And of life:
He grew stiff-
The struggle was over.
"A force stronger than I am,"
He seemed to say.
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