April 28th, 2004

every frequency

you've lost the swagger in your hips

I don't feel like going into too much detail about my day, so I won't.

This morning, before the ACT, I went to find out what I got on last Saturday's practice AP test. I got a 3! According to McClure, the real AP could go any way - I was on the lower end of a 3, so I might end up with a 2. However, since I had taken the test unprepared, with some massive amounts of studying, a 4 might be within my reach. Or I'll just stay with a 3. Whatever.


After that, I was walking down C-Wing and ran into Tiffany. She dragged me back to the Social Science office with her, where McClure gave us both some Smarties. After we went to the Caf and a few more events occurred, I was dragged back to the office with Kayti and Amanda for more Smarties. Hmph.

The ACT. Oh, God, I totally fucked that up... I finished the English section with plenty of time to spare, but I ran out of time on the Math, Reading, and Science sections. Fuck. I was just spending too much time attempting to come up with the answers instead of actually answering them. Whatever.

So now I have nothing to do with my day. I think I will go take a nap, or maybe read. Or something.
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