April 27th, 2004

consider it dug

everything i got now.

We had a survey (another one) this morning. We had 45 minutes to fill it out. Nobody took longer than 20 minutes.

I hate Trig I hate Trig I hate Trig.

Cyrano de Bergerac is pretty good. I talked to Katie about the AP test (neither of us think we will do very well... however, she is smart, I am not). I finished my Italian packet in under five minutes and spent the rest of the period studying History and watching Andrew, Ivan, and Christy while they played poker.

I hate History I hate History I hate History.

At lunch, Chua laughed hard enough that Mountain Dew flew out through his nose. Nice. Tiffany broke CHUA'S ID. I belayed for some Junior Leaders during Outdoor Ed... Katie (different one than French) and Lindsay. Both made it up Purple with no trouble. Grr.

IN-CLASS ENGLISH ESSAY. It was a 37 minute period and Mr. Gray refused to let us wait to do it until Friday. I covered my worksheet with notes, struggled (as always) with my Introduction, and wrote three paragraphs in about fifteen minutes. I wasn't able to fit even a third of my notes in, dammit, and I couldn't shove in a conclusion. I wasn't able to say anything that I wanted to say. Fuck. I'm screwed.

In Chemistry, we took a practice Science Reasoning ACT. I missed six questions, getting a 34/40... 27. Dammit. I really want a 28 on tomorrow's ACT, but somehow, I doubt that that will happen. Hello, lower-score-than-a-27. Mrs. Ryken gave out gradesheets... 140/160 on yesterday's test; 91.9% for the semester. Thank God.

After school, we dropped Kris and Katie (uh, another one) off. Then I ate dinner. Then Kayti came over, I gave her some ACT studying-prepping-stuff, and that was that.

I am currently listening to my Brand New MP3s. Again. Will I ever get sick of this band? It doesn't appear to be happening any time soon...

Tomorrow is an early-morning session, for English. I'll find McJerkoff and get my AP score before the testing. While I'm at it, I might as well steal some Smarties from him, as well as getting the breakfast the school is giving us (coughbribinguswithcough). I should do more History studying. Maybe some reviewing for the ACT.

I hate the future.

By the way. I'm sick of doing nothing all of the time. I believe that it is time to become a True Teenager (and/or embrace my inner emo). Me + You = should do something together. You suggest the event, I'll try to gather up the gumption to actually LEAVE THE HOUSE! Seriously. It'll be a momentous occasion.

Holy shit. I sound incredibly desperate.

Oh, wait...
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