April 25th, 2004

this is me

safety in numbers

I don't know whether the History cartoons (and the timeline) are due tomorrow. McClure originally said that they were due on Tuesday, but he's been saying that they were due Monday... so I don't know. I think I'll leave them until tomorrow and turn them in on Tuesday. If need be, I'll just say that I didn't know when they were due. I hate that damn teacher.

I am experiencing Senioritis a year early. I hate doing homework. Now, I understand that that is a normal feeling for a teenager, but I hate it to the point where I just refuse to do it at home. Instead, I do it at school - or in the car. Or whatever. Ugh I hate this.

I have decided how I shall study for my AP tests. I will read 34 pages of my AP US History prep book a night, taking notes, and then review my study guides. For English, I'll read through my notes. My estimated scores on both tests: 3. I honestly believe that I would have received a 5 in English if I had been in an actual class for the whole year. History is scary and painful and I hate it.

I am sick of writing.

I hate how I hate everything.
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