April 24th, 2004

wasn't my bullet

i need more gum.

Practice AP exam this morning...

I woke up at 6:30, got there at 7:55, and began at 7:58. I left nine blank on the multiple choice and probably didn't do that great at the rest. The DBQ was on the Cold War (HAHA) and I totally kicked that mofo's ass. 7/8 on that is my guess. I chose the "transportation" Free Response, wrote random b.s., and left early.

I honestly believe that I got a 3 or a 4 on that practice test. Not a 1, due to my DBQ, and not a 5, due to the multiple choice and the FRQ. Come on, 4! Come to daddy!

Yes, I am pathetic.

While I was at History, my mother went to the Arlington Heights library book sale, where she got three books that I already own (all three are bad) and a bunch of others. I narrowed them down to three that I want to read - screw Deception Point by Dan Brown. It's shit.

The books:
Shades of Winter by Linda Fallon
Eon by Greg Bear
Lost Highways by Curtiss Ann Matlock

I'm leaning toward Eon right now, though it is really long... whatever.
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this is me

this is the first and last time, he says.

Maybe I'm a dork, but I find this to be one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.

Imagine being in love with someone for over half a century, and never being able to marry. What complete bullshit.

Vote for Kerry. Please. Anything but the Asshole. (No, not McClure. The Republican Asshole.)
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