April 14th, 2004


home alone, reading

The field trip was... something else.

I loved the zipline. I was the belayer five times (I think) for the climbing wall, and when I tried to do it myself - I couldn't. I got maybe two feet off the ground and couldn't get any higher. Oh well. At least I tried.

The high ropes course was crazy. I was planning on going up, but then I thought, "No, let's just wait until more people go." I waited.

I went up. I had a guide rope, I attempted to go... I slipped and fell. I grabbed on to the wire, but let go after someone said not to. I was lowered down. I did not try again, on any of them. People don't really seem to understand that while I did not do that great, I tried - and to me, that is worth being proud of.

My arms are weakweakweak. I can't do much of anything, which sucks. My lips are chapped. I tried reading my Archaeology magazine, but fell asleep with it. It covered my head from the light. :)

I'm not bothering to do any homework because none of my teachers updated. Whatever. I'll fake the Trig problems tomorrow morning. It's not like I would get them right if I tried.
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this is me

sometimes it's black, sometimes it's white

Okay, so I started the LiveJournal community adamsexual a few years ago.

I have done nothing with it since.

It now has 91 members. It is updated frequently.

I can't say I like any of the people - a few posts are nice, but the rest kind of them make me think, "oh my God what the hell." I am intrigued at how well it has done.

I originally started it because everything kept on getting sparked up over sexuality - people coming out, switching preferred genders, etc. I decided to just avoid all of that and just be myself. Thus, the community.

I might think that it is a ridiculous idea now, and that I can't believe I started it... but I'm kind of proud. Maybe, just maybe, this community will make some sort of an impact on someone's life.

Probably not, but hey! I can at least say that three people on LiveJournal have the word "adamsexual" on their interests list. :P
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